Monday, 13 July 2015

PREsale HAUL // UO, COS, &otherstories, TOPSHOP + more

I uploaded a haul, a haul in which I show you the stuff I bought pre- sale for the summer. They are mostly clothes but there are a couple of pairs of shoes (cause what's a haul without some shoes, you know) and some books!
AGAIN, I'm sorry for all you non-dutch-speaking followers out there. One day your time will come, and I will make an english video, but for now I'm trying to perfect my British accent.
Okay that is a lie, it's just that I'm not 100 procent comfortable with speaking english on camera. So that is that, let's get on into the video! Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

OOTD // Introduction on Youtube

(Sorry to all of you non-dutch-speaking-followers)
Maar dit is m'n eerste 'echte' youtube filmpje, en ik vind het eng, maar superspannend!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Day at the MoMu

COS sweaterdress and coat - Cheap Monday jeans - Delvaux bag and Euforie boots

This sweaterdress is such a staple in my wardrobe. You can style it so many different ways, with jeans and unzipped, with bare legs and stan smiths, with stockings and black boots, in winter, in summer...

Do you have a staple like that in your wardrobe? Tell me about it in the comments!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Urban cowgirl - LOL

Cos sweater - Maison Scotch coat - Cheap Monday jeans - Delvaux bag - Euforie boots

If you were wondering about the little scarf, and you are thinking, wow Lauren is such a follower, I actually want to say that I wore a little scarf like that long before everyone else did. So technically I started this trend totally on my own. I know, I know I deserve awards. 


Ps: I actually already did wear this scarf  in september. 

Friday, 6 March 2015

Got my weddingshirt, now I'm waiting for the Yes

COS white shirt and scarf - Massimo Dutti leather jacket - DIY jeans - Superga shoes
Soooooooo, long time no speak. And I'm really sorry, it's not like I have a good excuse or something. I'm just lazy.
But let's just forget about that, and begin with a fresh start. Hi, I'm Lauren. Nice to meet you, I'm good thanks. Oh, the shirt I'm wearing? It's from COS, it has a silk collar so technically it's a shirt men wear at their wedding. I know, that's funny. Bye, it was nice talking to you! See you soon!
Oh btw, I'm sorry the quality of the pictures isn't on point. Elien and I weren't prepared for this photoshoot (we like to think we're pro's by calling it that) . But next time I promise, I will take my camera with me!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Can it be prom NOW ?!

This is my promdress.

There are only two little problems.
a. Prom isn't till June

And because I can't find an excuse to spend 108 euros on a long dress, that I won't wear until next year, I found two alternatives in the same fabric, that I CAN wear.

Now the only problem that's left is choosing. Choosing between the blouse or the dress. I hope you guys girls can help me out !

Carine Wester BIBINE dress - €270 €108
Carine Wester BENITA blouse - €180 €72
Carince Wester BELLA dress - €200 €80

Saturday, 3 January 2015

The bright side

I like a nice relaxing bath with lots of bubbles, I love citrus scents and that's why the brightside and me are made to be. I know, I'm a real poet.
So, if you are a bit like me and you can apreciate the things I like, check out 'The brightside' by LUSH, it's a bubblebar, so you just crumble it under a running tap, and boom the bubbles are everywhere.

P.S. It's a bit pricy, but you can use it approximately 4 times, so the 'cost per wear' (let's use a fashion term) is 1.74 euro per bath you use it in, that's a good price I think, what do you think?