Tuesday, 7 October 2014

black 'n jeans

BLACK PANTS AND DENIM PANTS, 2 things everybody needs. If you don't have these two staples then I don't know what you are doing with you life right now. It doesn't matter what the fit is as long as they are comfortable you are good to go. (If they are so skinny you have to undo the button when you are just sitting in class, well let's say that's okay as well.)

My black pants are from Cheap Monday and they are really really highwaisted and really stretchy but they fit SO nice, not like they are really comfortable but I get a lot of compliments when I'm wearing these. Make sure they look good on your shape. My black pants are also really skinny, that is because I really like the look of really skinny black pants and black chelsea boots, but that's just my personal taste.

My denim pants are from BDG and they aren't as stretchy as my black pants. In fact there isn't much stretch in them at all. The good thing about these pants is that they hold shape really well, so you don't have to wash them every time you have worn them. Not that I do that with any of my pants.

* for some reason I can only find these in black, but maybe you can find them in store!

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