Saturday, 22 November 2014

Baseball chick

Bellerose Tshirt and skirt, Zara jumper, Adidas 'Stan Smith' sneakers, Casio watch

I'm really sorry it took me so long to upload something guys, I'm really busy with school because the exams are coming every second now. I have a haul coming up which I filmed but then something went wrong with the camera so I'll have to film it again. So, point of my story, in the following weeks you aren't going to hear from me that much, but after those weeks. I'M COMING AT YOU WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF POSTS. 


  1. Hi Lauren, Sorry it took time to reply (you asked me if you can make the scones with regular milk). The scone recipe I posted on my blog was for vegan, so I think it's better to find regular scone recipe (instead of substituting coconut milk to regular milk because I don't think it'll work). By the way, love your grey sweater and long skirt combo. Looks great! xo akiko
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  2. Wow, this skirt is amazing! Love so the two looks!

  3. Die rok staat je goed!



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    1. Oh wat lief ! Zo tof dat je mijn blog ziet, ik kijk je hauls namelijk altijd op youtube !