Tuesday, 16 December 2014

On top of the world (or a car park)

COS coat and necklace - &otherstories blouse and pull - Cheap Monday pants, Adidas sneakers and Delvaux handbag

Just a quick outfitpost to remind all of you, that I'm still among the living and soon you will see A LOT on this blog ! (Like the haul I promised you)
These pictures, Elien ( one of my best friends, with amazing style, so you are going to see her on here in the future) took on a rooftop in the centre of Leuven (a city here in Belgium). You probably could already tell by the way I'm laughing but we had a lot of fun taking these, Maud (same story as Elien) was also there and she took some 'behind-the-scenes' pics, it was super-fun !

Oh and HERE is a GIF that I made, but I wasn't able to put it in the blogpost, so if you want to see it, just click the link !

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