Tuesday, 30 September 2014

DELICIOUS breakfast/dessert (kind of healthy..)(SUPER-EASY)

Today is a special day, because today is the day you will remember forever as the day that I, Lauren gave you the one and only recipe for this DELICIOUS dessert/breakfast/snack. It is really simple but OH SO GOOD. 
You will need (1person) 
* 65 grams of DARK chocolate
* 8 grams of SALTED butter 
* 1 apple
* 125 grams of white yoghurt

* melt the chocolate and the butter
* cut the apple in little pieces, but not TOO little !
* now, layer the chocolate, apple-pieces and the yoghurt on top of each other and VOILA

Is this the easiest recipe that you have ever seen or what ?
Now to eat it, I have a special method, because it isn't that good if you eat it layer by layer, you have to combine them all together to experience this exeperience to the fullest.
Your welcome in advance, because I know you guys are going to love this !

Do you have a delicious, quick and simple recipe ? Comment down below !

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